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2 Rolls of Velvia 50 In Twilight
             “I just wanted to make sure you got your crepúsculo.”
My dad called me after hearing of my failed attempt to photograph Coney Island’s snowy beachside at sunrise the day before. To make a long story short, I traveled to Coney at 5AM in 5 degree weather to photograph the snow on the beach. I was already not feeling well, and by the time I got to the empty boardwalk, the winds from the sea were hitting me so strongly that I couldn’t feel my legs after a couple minutes, and I was feeling faint. The scene was beautiful and I was so excited to photograph it, but when I went to take a photo, my camera shutter wouldn’t fire. I tried everything to fix it, but I ended up leaving the beach without a single photo—discouraged and defeated.

When I got home, I realized my camera wasn’t broken after all. I asked my friend Bo if she wanted to come with me the next morning for attempt #2, and with a little bribing of a homemade PB&J and a photographic experience she wouldn’t forget, she accompanied me. It ended up working out in my favor—going there with Bo was much more fun and encouraging than when I went alone, and I finally got the photos I had wanted to capture.

When my Dad called me a day later and I told him my second attempt was a success, he said “I’m glad sweetheart, I just wanted to make sure you got your crepúsculo.” Crepúsculo, which is my dad and I’s favorite word in Spanish, means the light preceding or anteceding the sun, or in simpler terms, twilight. 

I don’t typically get discouraged or swayed by things not going the way I plan, but there was something about traveling all that way, enduring all that discomfort, and leaving without the one thing I came for, that got me that first day. But still, I got up the next day and I did it all over again.

Seeing the purple skies suddenly shift to blue and seeing the closed down rides get bathed in deep orange light was one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed as a photographer, and seeing snow on the beach has always been a bucket list item for me: Thank you Bo for accompanying me, I’ll never forget that morning with you.

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