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I shoot all my work on film
& print it in the darkroom.


     What is darkroom
     printing ?


I’m working on a longterm project documenting Coney Island, with the goal of publishing my first book.

This project is ongoing.

A friend once likened Coney Island to peering into a fish tank, an ecosystem with an array of species. There is a part that sits close to the sun—the warmth and bustle in summer. It contrasts against the quiet, expansive boardwalk in winter, the metaphorical dark of the fish tank’s bottom. Then there are the parts in-between—alleys of carnival games and workers counting the day’s earnings. The fish that swim between the crevices of coral. To bear witness to Coney amidst changing seasons is to witness this ecosystem in full, standing nose against glass to a blooming aquarium...

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"Anslen Kiefer said “memory is my only homeland,” and I find myself moving through the world always looking for ways to keep, remember and preserve memories, people and experiences. In all of my searching, the most effective way I’ve found so far has been my camera." 


Interview with Lomography

Lomography interviewed me for their magazine, and we spoke about how I approach making photograpjs, projects new and old and the people and teachers who have inspired me along the way. This article features my first in-depth interview, as well as 40 of my photographs.

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Shooting with a 20x24 Camera

I got the opporunity to shoot with Ethan Moses’ 20x24 camera, his own take on the infamous 20x24 polaroid cameras from the 70s.

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Printed Matter Slide Viewer
Printed Matter and 8Ball chose 5 photographers who make work about New York to be included in their  slide viewer to be sold at their annual zine fair and at their St. Marks store location.

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Mr.  Right

Jeffrey and I met outside of an American veteran bar and became best friends. We talked for hours, I made portraits of him and he imparted wisdom on me I’ll never forget. See the photos and snippets of our conversation.

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“I achieve all of my colors traditionally using analogue methods. Whether it's from the film stock I choose, the way I process the film or how I print in the darkroom, every choice is specific for a desired effect. I like using slide film because of its deep contrast and vivid color, especially Velvia and Ektachrome. Some of my photos have heightened contrast and color because I pushed the film, meaning I purposefully underexposed while shooting and compensated during development. Exposing film for minutes at a time, which I often do for my night work, also produces deeper contrast. In general, I stay away from digitally post-processing my images, and I don’t really need to—I make so many conscious choices in the analog process that it leaves little need to adjust in post.” 

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